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Debug with CodeSite Update

By | September 17, 2017

I’ve updated the Debug with CodeSite plug-in to add the ability to work with selected text and fix a bug with cross reference interfaced objects that were preventing the wizard’s destructor from being called. regards Dave. Related posts: Debug with CodeSite IDE Explorer update to include RAD Studio XE8 Debugging RTL/VCL Code with CodeSite IDE… Read More »

Debug with CodeSite

By | September 16, 2017

I’ve just release a new Open Tools API plug-in to support the ideas on the post Debugging RTL/VCL Code with CodeSite. The plug-in can DLLs and source can be downloaded from the page Debug with CodeSite. regards Dave. Related posts: Debug with CodeSite Update Debugging RTL/VCL Code with CodeSite IDE Help Helper updated to RAD… Read More »

Debugging RTL/VCL Code with CodeSite

By | September 15, 2017

I managed to do something the other day I don’t know you could do involving debugging and Code Site. Code Site is my go to tool for logging information and usually I’ll add Code Site to my library path and embed the unit reference in code like this: Uses SystemSysUtils, {$IFDEF DEBUG} CodeSiteLogging, {$ENDIF} VCL.Classes;… Read More »

IDE Notifications Updated

By | September 9, 2017

I’ve just released an update to my IDE Notifications RAD Studio IDE plug-in which now supports module and project notifiers along with filtering messages using regular expressions. The new notifiers will be the subject of a new Open Tools API blog article soon. Related posts: IDE Notifications 1.0a (BugFix) The Delphi Open Tools API Book… Read More »

Updating Actions (Don’t Do This)

By | August 23, 2017

What’s my app doing… So the other day I wrote the following code in an TAction‘s on update event handler. I didn’t spot the issue immediately but my application at certain times was consuming 100% of a CPU on my laptop. Procedure TXTDefaultMenus.UpdateActionCapability(Const Capability : TXTFileCapability; Const Sender : TObject); Var F: TForm; FC :… Read More »