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Chapter 3: A simple custom menu (AutoSave) Fixed

By | September 20, 2009

In the last chapter I said that the mechanism that I had might not work property with DLLs because if you are looking for an existing menu, then it might not have been created at the time you wizard is loading. So here I’m going to show you how to fix that. First we need… Read More »

Word: Types of Styles

By | September 3, 2009

After my last post (rant) you probably want to know about styles and how to format word documents correctly… well lets see if I can get you on the right road. Word contains four paragraph types “Paragraph”, “Character”, “Table” and “List”. I’ll talk about paragraph and character only for the moment. A paragraph style is… Read More »

Word: Styles… or the lack there of…

By | September 3, 2009

This is a rant, so go away no if you don’t want to hear (see). One of my major annoyances in life is receiving a document (generally Word) which has been manually formatting from top to bottom. The whole point (if I’m not mistaken) is to use paragraph styles to give a document a consistent… Read More »