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Chapter 4.1 – The Fix

By | February 11, 2010

For those interested, here's the fix to the Chapter 4's code. procedure TKeyboardBinding.AddBreakpoint(const Context: IOTAKeyContext; KeyCode: TShortcut; var BindingResult: TKeyBindingResult); var i: Integer; DS : IOTADebuggerServices; MS : IOTAModuleServices; strFileName : String; Source : IOTASourceEditor; CP: TOTAEditPos; BP: IOTABreakpoint; begin MS := BorlandIDEServices As IOTAModuleServices; Source := SourceEditor(MS.CurrentModule); strFileName := Source.FileName; CP := Source.EditViews[0].CursorPos; DS… Read More »

Chapter 4: Key Bindings and Debugging Tools

By | February 10, 2010

In this chapter I’ll solve a problem I’ve found with all the Borland/CodeGear IDE’s I've used. I like to use just the keyboard where possible rather than grab the mouse. With the keyboard (and I use the IDE Classic keyboard binding) you can create a breakpoint with Ctrl+F8 but you can not edit its properties.… Read More »

Eidolon 1.0a and Help

By | February 9, 2010

Just a very quick note, I’ve released a first update for Eidolon with some improvements in the Time Location Rendering dialogue and fixing some minor bugs. Please refer to the History section of the Eidolon home page for more details. You will also notice that I’ve complete the re-write of the help. Its not 100%… Read More »

Starting Eidolon for the first time…

By | February 8, 2010

Some of you are sitting behind corporate firewalls and this might have an adverse effect on the first time functionality of Eidolon. By default Eidolon will check for updates on the internet at start-up and there after every 28 days. What should happen is that if Eidolon can not connect to the internet then the… Read More »