RAD Studio Welcome Screen

By | January 20, 2018

Below are a list of changes I’ve made to my Welcome Screen to make it more functional. For me, there are two aspects of the screen I don’t like: first, the Events right hand column when collapsed does not allow the remaining content to expand; and secondly it doesn’t make good use of the screen width (see below).

To make the changes (even after the 10.2.2. hot fix) you need to update two files in the RAD Studio installation directory so if you follow this be sure to backup the files before you change them.

The first file to change is Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\Welcomepage\en\default.htm (this assume you are using the English language settings). I’ve done several things to this file as follows:

  • On line 460 there is a fixed width setting as follows: <div class="content" style="width: 700px;">. I’ve removed the style part from the tag as follows: <div class="content">. This only solves part of the width issue, there is more to be done in the style sheet in a moment.
  • I’ve then moved the Sample Apps section from the bottom of the second column to the bottom of the first column by moving the whole DIV section between lines 512 to 519 (in the <div class="fright" id="right-content"> section) to lines 494 to 501 (in the <div class="fleft" id="left-content"> section). This makes the second column contain only Recent or Favourite projects.

Next I needed to fix some width issues with the styles associated with the left and middle DIV tags so that it uses the screen better. To do this I needed to edit the file Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\Welcomepage\css\styles.css (the file is difficult to edit in notepad as it seems to have been edited on a unix system and doesn’t have windows LFCRs).

  • The first change is on line 64 in the .fright section. I’ve changed the width setting to 70%;
  • The second change is on line 72 in the .fleft section. I’ve changed the width setting to 30%;
  • The third and last change is on line 173 in the .fcontent section. I’ve changed the width setting to 100%.

You should then end up with a more dynamic Welcome Screen as follows:

Hope this is helpful to you