Profile Viewer


This is a simple viewer for the profile information output by the Profiler.pas (which is also in the view zip at the end of this page).


To understand how to call the profiler look at the code example in Browse And Doc It or this Profile Viewer project as all of the methods have been wrapped in a conditional compile section which allows you to switch on or off the profiling of the application.

The information from the profiler is output to a text file with the same name as the executable file (EXE, DLL, BPL, etc) but with the .profile extension. This information is simply a stack track of the application using high performance counters (QueryPerformanceCounter)

The viewer has 2 panes of information. The top pane displays the stack trace information from the profile file using a tree view / list view combination. The bottom pane show an aggregation of the timing information for each method contained in the selected portion of the stack trace. Select the root of the profile to get an aggregation of all method calls.



The options dialogue allows you to configure the colourisation of the profile records in both views the based on their percentage. The percentage used for the colours corresponds to the sorting column in the aggregate view with the Class.Method column using the Total Time information.

The colourisation uses a sliding scale between the defined percentage points. The colour remains the same when below the low point or above the high point if you change them from 0 and 100 respectively.

Synchronisation will make the columns of the aggregate view at the bottom of the main application window synchronise with the column widths of the profile tree view above.

The life time of the managed nodes will remember the expanded nodes between sessions up to the number of days since their last display where upon they will be removed from the managed list (this does not remove them from the profile files, just stops the node being expanded when the profile is opened after more time than the number of days specified).


You can down load the Profile Viewer here.