Path Editor



This is a simple application for editor your system and user paths. I managed to lunch my paths when installing an old version of Delphi 5 and C++ Builder 5 and found editing paths through the Windows interface painful. I also needed to refresh my C++ Builder knowledge as I’ve not actually done much an quite a few years so this gave me the perfect opportunity to solve one issue and re-learn C++ Builder. I’m sure there are alternatives on the internet but where would the fun be in that.


It will be no surprise to those of you who use RAD Studio that the design of this application is very similar to that of the library path editor in RAD Studio. I think the way that’s handled is excellent therefore I borrowed the idea. Note: to change the system path you need to be either an administrator or run the path editor as an administrator.

User Profiles

This aspect of the application needs some work however it provides a list of user profiles from which you can select view and / or  edit the user’s path. At the moment it looks for a read/write key Volatile Environment under the user profiles to detect user profiles. To me it seemed the obvious place to look for the user’s name but this is not the case as its only exists if the user is logged in. I’m looking at other ways of doing this.


There are two tabs for editing paths. The first is the system path and this will be read only unless you are an administrator or you run and application as the administrator. The second tab provide the user path for the selected user profile but can be changed to other users if available (current logged on – see User Profiles above).

Path List

The path list is a read only list of the individual paths that make up either the system or user path. A greyed out path indicates that it is not a valid path on your system (environment variables are expanded). Double clicking on an item in the list will place it in the edit control.


If the path information is changed, this button will become available in order for you to save the changes back to the specific path. Note: changes to the paths will NOT automatically be committed on closing the application – you need to Update the path to commit the changes.


This method is only available if you have permissions to edit the system path and the user path and it allows you to select a path from the list and move it to the bottom of the other list, i.e. from the system path to the user path or the other way around.


This button allows you to replace the currently selected path in the list with the path in the path edit control.


This buttons allows you to add the path in the edit control to the bottom of the path list.


This button will delete the selected path in the list.


Browse allows you to browse your system for a directory which will then be placed in the path edit control.

Up / Down

These buttons will move the selected path in the list up or down the order.


This application is available form the link below and contains all the code along with an executable file for those who just want to use the application (there’s no installer, its just a standalone executable):