Package Viewer


This is an example Open Tools API project to demonstrate how to access different information about packages in the IDE.

The code contained in this package is explained in the blog article Browsing Package Information.


This package viewer can be accessed from the main IDE Help menu (for those with Seattle and above they are now under another sub-menu). Depending upon how many package you have it may take a few seconds to load where upon you will have a model dialogue containing a tree structure of packages registered in the IDE. Note that I said registered not loaded as they mean very different things. The IDE caches packages and only loads them when required, therefore when browsing you may find a package which you think has components but it doesn’t show them this is because the package needs loading. Under each package there can be 2 nodes of information: Components, providing a list of the components in the package (if loaded) and for Delphi XE and above Properties, which provide various attributes of the packages (see Browsing Package Information) for more details.


You can download the code and BPL files for this Open Tools API project below for RAD Studio 2006 to XE2, XE7, XE10 and XE10.1.

Please refer to the blog article Compiling and installing my experts and wizards… for information on compiling missing versions and installing the packages.