Multi-RAD Studio IDE Expert Manager


This application is for editor the installed experts in all versions of RAD Studio (and older Delphi and C++ Builder) on a machine.

A view of the Expert Manager displaying duplicate experts and experts with duplicate paths

It isn’t the intention of this application to compete with GExpert in this regard, it is just I needed something a little more fixable for the following reasons:

  • I needed a tool to edit multiple instances of RAD Studio (including debugging registry points) at the same time – this is due to running multiple IDE versions and debugging installations when writing and testing Open Tools API plug-ins;
  • I needed it to tell me about duplicate installations as I’ve had a few instances of this happening and I haven’t yet tracked down why;
  • I needed it to tell me about invalid paths.



Hopefully the interface is somewhat self explanatory however on the left hand side is a treeview of all the installations on your machine (in your current user profile). These include Borland, CodeGear and Embarcadero products. Under the company names are the installation points. For all company default installations this is BDS. If you have other nodes then they could be other produces but for me (see image above) they are the debugging installations create when I use the -r command line to RAD Studio. Below these point you will find the version numbers of the RAD Studio installations.

The colouring of the nodes is as follows:

  • Blue – The installation is okay;
  • Red – The installation has duplicate expert’s (this is check via the DLL file name);
  • Gray – The installation has expert’s with invalid paths.


On the right hand side the installed experts for a selected node will appear (they will only appear then you have selected the version number).

The colouring of the experts is as follows:

  • Black – The expert is okay;
  • Red – The expert has a duplicate in the list (this is check via the DLL file name);
  • Gray – The expert has an invalid path.

There are tree options you can perform on an expert as follows using the toolbar buttons or a right mouse context menu:

  • Add – This is only available when you have selected a valid installation node in the tree view and displays an editor where you can provide a name for the expert and its file name;
  • Edit – This is only available if you have selected an expert and it displays an editor where you can edit the name and / or file name including browsing for a new file;
  • Delete – This is only available if you have selected an expert and deletes the expert from the list (via the registry).


The executable and C++ Builder code from this can be downloaded from below.