C++ OTA Template


The C++ OTA (Open Tools API) Template is a new project which will contains the code associated with the various blog posts and the Open Tools API book as I write them. It’s my intention that it will have the same capabilities as the Delphi version but for C++.

At this moment the expert/wizard contains basic example code which will be blogged about shortly. At the moment it implement the following:

  • Package code;
  • DLL code;
  • Splash Screen code;
  • About Box code;
  • IDE Notifier code;
  • Code to add an options dialogue to the IDE.


You can download the DLL and BPL versions of this expert/wizard and all the code for RAD Studio Berlin 10.1 & Tokyo 10.2 (hopefully its backwardly compatible to circa XE but I haven’t got around to including all the conditional defines).

For information on installing this expert please refer to my post Compiling and Installing my experts and wizards…