Message View Helper


This RAD Studio IDE plug-in provide the ability to hide / show / focus the message view window using a configurable shortcut key combination (default is SHIFT+ALT+M). It also allows you to configure the message view to automatically hide after a successful compilation after a period of time.

The automatic hiding of the message view is helpful when you are working on a small screen and have the message view docked say at the bottom of the editor window and want to see the messages during compilation and once its finished but gain the screen space back afterwards.

For RAD Studio XE and above the options form can be found within the IDEs options dialogue however for RAD Studio 2010 you can access it through a menu under the Help main menu.


The currently built BPLs and source code for RAD Studio 2010, XE, XE2, XE7, XE10 and XE10.1 can be downloaded from the below link:

Please refer to the blog article Compiling and installing my experts and wizards… for information on compiling missing versions and installing the packages.