What can I say, my name is David Hoyle. By profession I’m a Civil Engineer working in the UK for a large construction company. Software has been something I’ve been interested in since at school (yes that was a long time ago) and have always tried to use software to improve my ability to get things done. If as a by-product its useful to others then all the better.

I also have now taken up long distance cycling to keep fit and simply to get away from a computer / phone / tablet for a while where things are a little simpler. This has put a crimp on my photography as they don’t mix well but I’ll get back to that when someone invents a 3 or 4 day weekend.

Finally, the above software has taken a back seat for the last few years while I write, record and publish some of my own music. I have absolutely no idea if anyone else will like it but I do, so that’s all the counts.

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    1. David Post author


      Open the VBE IDE and go to the Tools menu and select Options. In there there is a tab for Editor Formats. This is where you can change the colours of the editor.

  1. Andre

    Hello, David!
    Your posts about Open Tools API are excelent! I have already built my own Menu. Thanks!

    Just one doubt: do you know (or have any posts) about adding a toolbar in Delphi’s Source Editor?

    1. David Post author


      I haven’t done this myself but I know GExperts does this and the source code is available to download. If I remember correctly it requires some IDE hacking to find the editor window and place a panel or similar into the IDE in order to create a toolbar.


  2. Anna

    Hello, David!
    This is a best information about Open Tools API I found in the network. Thanks a lot!!!

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