Open Tools API


This is the main page for all my Open Tools API information.

The Delphi Open Tools API Book

My book on the Delphi Open Tools API can be found on this page.

Open Tools API Projects

Below are a list of the current OTA Projects that are available. You can select them from there hyperlinks below, from their page above or from the menu on the right. You will also be able to download the up to date source code from (only Browse and Doc it will not appear there) when I’ve loaded them all (work in progress).

AutoSave I’ve moved my AutoSave IDE Wizard to this page. This expert/wizard provide a simple auto save functionality for the IDE.
Browse and Doc It I’ve moved my Browse and Doc It Expert to this page. This expert/wizard provides a replacement source code browser for the IDE along with documentation capabilities, profile instrumentation functionality and the ability to create DUnit projects and modules from your code.
C++ OTA Template This is a C++ Builder implementation of the Delphi OTA Template. At the moment it just shows you show to create both package and DLL plug-ins for the IDE in C++ Builder however it will eventually allow you to specify and create C++ OTA plug-ins by creating the basic code for you. The code for this can be found on the this page.
Debug with CodeSite A RAD Studio IDE plug-in to add CodeSite.Send() messages to a breakpoint for debugging. Useful for code you cannot alter like the RTL/VCL. The code for this can be found on the this page
IDE Explorer I’ve moved my IDE Explorer Expert to this page. This expert/wizard provide you with the ability to view the published internals in the IDE through a tree view structure of the forms / components alongside a list view of their properties, methods and events.
IDE Help Helper This is an new IDE expert/wizard to provide F1 context help when the IDE cannot find any context information in its help system. If this is the case then the wizard options a browser window in the IDE with a web search for the context word. This can be found on this page.
IDE Notifcations This plug-in provides a log of the IDE notification. The code also shows you how to implement the various notifiers and can be found on this page.
Integrated Testing Helper I’ve moved my Integrated Testing Helper Expert to this page. This expert/wizard provides the ability to run external command line statements before and after compilation of a project and the ability to zip all the source / executables into a single zip file.
Message View Helper This plug-in provides a configurable short-cut that allows you to display and hide the Message View and the docked area in which its hosted. It also can hide the message view after a period of time after a successful compilation. The code for this can be found on this page.
Package Viewer The Package Viewer can be found on this page. This expert/wizard provide your the ability to view the packages installed into the IDE and examine details about the packages including the components in the package.
OTA Template This projects contains the code which is associated with a number of the blog posts and the Open Tools API book. This can be found on this page.

The Open Tools API Index

An index of the Open Tools API interfaces (from the ToolsAPI.pas file) can be found here where they are cross-reference to the blog articles.

Available IDE Versions

Some of the above projects have not been updated to the latest versions of the IDE but that is something I hope to resolve over the next few months. They do all compiled into RAD Studio 10 Seattle, I just haven’t built projects/packages for all the IDE versions.

I only have the following IDE versions so if there is not a pre-built version of the plug-in for your IDE then take the project/package for the next lowest version to your IDE and open the project/package, re-save the package with a new name and compile.

  • Delphi 5;
  • Delphi 7;
  • RAD Studio 2006;
  • RAD Studio 2007;
  • RAD Studio 2009;
  • RAD Studio 2010;
  • RAD Studio XE;
  • RAD Studio XE2;
  • RAD Studio XE7;
  • RAD Studio XE8;
  • RAD Studio [XE]10 Seattle;
  • RAD Studio [XE]10.1 Berlin;
  • RAD Studio [XE]10.2 Tokyo.

Note: I might not continue to support Delphi 5, 7 and RAD Studio 2006 and 2007 in the future due to DFM property compatibility issues with newer forms in older IDEs.

Compiling and Installation

For information on installing any of my experts/wizards please read Compiling and Installing my RAD Studio IDE plug-ins.