Welcome to my website and blog.

Here you will find a collection of pages (above and in the menu on the right) for different pieces of software I write and support, a number of Open Tools API packages for the Delphi / C++ Builder / RAD Studio IDEs by Borland / CodeGear / Embarcadero, my book on the Open Tools API as well as blogs relating to all the development of these applications and the Open Tools API.

See the (non-exhaustive) list below for what’s available.


  • DGH Regular Expressions – An application to creating and testing complex regular expressions using macro expansions against files.
  • Eidolon – An Excel COM add-in for generating Time Location diagrams;
  • Expert Manager – An application to editor experts installed into multiple RAD Studio installations;
  • OTA Interface Search – An application to help search for Open Tools API Interfaces, Methods and Properties and the paths through the code to get to them;
  • Path Editor – An application to editor the system and user paths;
  • Profile Viewer – An application to view the profiling output generated by the Profiler.pas unit contained within the project.;
  • XER Cleaner / XER Tools – An application for cleaning and editing the content of Primavera XER files prior to importing;

Open Tools API

Below are RAD Studio OTA plug-ins and references.

  • Auto Save – An OTA plug-in to provide auto save functionality;
  • Browse and Doc It – An OTA plug-in to provide code browsing and documentation functionality;
  • C++ OTA Template – A C++ OTA plug-in of example code to be used in the above book and which will also allow you to create C++ OTA project templates once the code is finished – at the moment it should provide examples of OTA in C++;
  • Debug with CodeSite – An OTA plug-in to add CodeSite.Send() debugging messages via breapoints;
  • IDE Explorer – An OTA plug-in to allow you to browser the internal IDE forms and classes;
  • IDE Help Helper – An OTA plug-in to provide internal browser context help;
  • IDE Notifications – An OTA plug-in for logging notification events that occur in the RAD Studio IDE;
  • Integrated Testing Helper – An OTA plug-in to allow you to run external command line applications before and after compilation for projects;
  • Message View Helper – An OTA plug-in that provides a shortcut key combination to hide / show / focus the message view and to also automatically hide it after a successful compilation;
  • OTA Interface Index – An index of the OTA interfaces cross-referenced to the blog posts.
  • OTA Template – An OTA plug-in of example code used in the above book and which also allows you to create OTA project templates;
  • Package Viewer – An OTA plug-in to allow you to view the loaded packages;
  • The Delphi Open Tools API Book – My book which is a collection of blog posts (and more) on the Delphi Open Tools API;


If you need to contact me you will not find a visible email address for me on these pages to try to avoid being inundated with spam however if you look in the book you will find contact information for me.


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