This album is my first collection of music called fragmentation simply because its a collection of fragments of my music; as such it will grow with time. When starting to record the pieces I generally don’t have a name for the piece so just number it as a fragment and then name them later.

Feel free to download and listen.

32) Jupiter Prelude (Fragment 32) (24 Oct 2012)

This piece came about while I was learning how to use my Jupiter 80 and under stand how to layer the parts while also listening to the various predefined registrations.

Download Jupiter Prelude (Fragment 32)

17 Mar 2013: This has been re-recorded, mixed and mastered because the original recording levels were too low and noise was present.

33) Simplicity – First Impression (Fragment 33) (17 Mar 2013)

Not really sure how or why this can about other than me messing around with a String Assembler patch on the Jupiter.

Download Simplicity – First Impression (Fragement 33)

33) Simplicity – Second Impression (Fragment 33) (30 Sep 2013)

34) Firefly – First Impression (Fragment 34) (30 Sep 2013)

40) Minimalist Electronica (Fragment 40) (30 Jan 2012)

This is the first proper full piece of music produced with Cakewalk SONAR X2 Producer and I have to say I’m very pleased with both the music and the tools SONAR provides for mixing and master.

The idea for this started with purchasing the Z3ta+ 2. I thought the sound of the default starting patch was too good to miss, so I used the voice and created a looping theme. Then I used another instance of Z3ta for a moog/taurus like bass part with a modified envelope of the theme voice. I then added strings from the Jupiter to add some harmony, piano from the Jupiter which complimented the theme and drums using session drummer 3.

The construction is very like the minimalist composer Steve Reich (hence the title). You will find that you start to here interactions between the various introduced parts which make you think there are more parts to the music than there really are.

Perhaps a little to long but hey, I got lost in the moment.

Download Minimalist Electronica (Fragment 40)

42) Timely Madness (Fragment 42) (10 Sep 2013)

Some more minimalist foolishness in an old time signature. No real violins, violas, cellos or pianos were harmed in the making of this piece.

Download Timely Madness (Fragment 42)

47) South America (Fragment 47) (22 Dec 2014)

My first attempt at a four part string harmony with some subtractive synthesis on top.

Download South America (Fragment 47)

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