This wizard started live back in the Delphi 5 days and was written to periodically auto save all the open modified IDE files. Useful for working with packages as Delphi at the time didn't save the files on build and compile of the packages. Although this is old it is still useful today with XE10 (my current version) if you are doing a lot of editing between compiles and / or you do not want to save the editor’s files each time you compile a project.


This is a very simple tool. It can be accessed from the IDE’s main Options dialogue under the Third Party section in RAD Studio XE and above or from a context menu under the Help main menu for all version (versions older than RAD Studio XE open the options in a separate dialogue – see the blog post Options Page(s) inside the IDE’s Options Dlg for more details).

Below shows the auto save dialogue which allows you to set the time interval between saves in seconds and whether you are prompted before the file is saved.

For RAD Studio 2006 to 2010:


For RAD Studio XE and above:


If you want to understand how this wizard works please how a look at the blog post Chapter 2: A simple custom menu (AutoSave) (note there is a fix to this chapter’s code in Chapter 3: A simple custom menu (AutoSave) Fixed).


You can download the source code and BPLs for this wizard below:

Please note that there are only builds for 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE7 and XE10 due to the limitation described on the Open Tools API.

For information on installing this expert please refer to my post Compiling and Installing my experts and wizards….